May 2012 Editorial

I was born in 1970. I grew up, like the rest of my generation, with the threat of impending nuclear catastrophe overshadowing my very existence. Armageddon seemed more like a certainty than a possibility – it was just a case of when; not if. Thankfully the cold war ended; though what we have been left with today doesn’t look much like peace.

Now we have to worry about the threat of terror; and if that doesn’t get us, it seems certain that climate change will; or so we are told. In reality right now it seems more likely that our own greed and the catastrophic financial meltdown that is capitalism will have done for us before then. What has all this got to do with ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’, I hear you say?

Let’s just say here at we’re optimistic: optimistic about survival.

Furthermore, we want to celebrate the fact that as a species we are unique on the planet, in that we have the potential to do so much more than just survive. We all have the same basic needs and desires: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We all want to thrive.

So in the coming months we’ll be celebrating: celebrating people, achievement, endeavor, adventure, invention, creativity and fulfillment in all walks of life, around the globe.

We’ll be looking at the things which bring us together and make us better, rather than the things that divide us and betray our worst traits. We hope to show you some really cool stuff along the way.

We’ll also be asking questions we feel need to be asked from time to time; in the hope of occasionally proffering answers or solutions.

So if you’re an optimist, stick around for the ride. After all, it’s a wonderful world and like it or not, we’re all stuck on it together. Welcome to

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