Music Videos of the Month

Two music videos which have come up on the radar at TBU over the last few months share a very similar aesthetic but have totally different musical styles and are both definitely worth exploring. First up is Isles by the Little Comets from the North East of England, who are starting to reap the rewards of a few years hard work gigging around the UK and executing their very own brand of rock and roll guerilla warfare by appearing everywhere they shouldn’t be, from Metro trains to university lecture halls mid-lecture, supermarkets and house parties. Look out for those videos on youtube.

The video for Isles is a breath of fresh air with director and photographer Aoife McArdle taking inspiration from the works of great photographers including William Eggleston and William Klein. Shot on some of Britain’s less picturesque streets, it has a truth and stark beauty not often seen in the generic glossy pop videos of today. A little gem from the Little Comets.

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The second video is Feel the Love by Rudimental, a four piece band hailing from Hackney in London and featuring the soulful guest vocals of John Newman . Directed by another photographer/director and featuring a cast of Philadelphia’s urban horse riders displaying their equestrian skills picked up from the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. This is another video which makes you sit up and take notice due to the unorthodox use of the youthful cast in a very un-stereotypical setting. Brilliant.

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If you have stumbled on any great music videos lately, please drop us a line and we’ll share them.


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