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Divas: Rock Goddesses of the 1970s

Forget your Gagas, your Katy Perrys and your other pop Madonnas: for those of you old enough to have forgotten, or too young to remember, the 1970s saw the rise of some of the best female artists of all time. … Continue reading

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Heroes of Comedy: Groucho Marx

  Last month’s tribute to Woody Allen got me thinking: about one of my own comedy heroes. What would you get if you took Woody Allen and toughened him up with a little acid wit and the smoke of several … Continue reading

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Photos of the Month: December 2012


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Skyfall: Why Britain still needs Bond

Born in the 1960s, Ian Fleming’s James Bond came to the screen against the backdrop of a Britain reeling from post-war austerity, the decline of Empire and Commonwealth and the emergence of the new major world powers of the United … Continue reading

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Music Videos of the Month

Two music videos which have come up on the radar at TBU over the last few months share a very similar aesthetic but have totally different musical styles and are both definitely worth exploring. First up is Isles by the Little … Continue reading

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Fright Night: Our Halloween Film Favourites

Halloween isn’t just for kids: it’s also a great excuse to dust off some great horror movies or catch them on the TV. The horror genre encompasses some great cinema, whether you are a hardcore horror fan or a more … Continue reading

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Artist in Exile: The Russell Mitchell Interview

  Expat, ex-vet, ex-model and one time ‘Mr Wonderful’; we ask Russell Mitchell about his colourful life and how he put together Exile Cycles, building the baddest custom motorcycles on the planet. . . Russell Mitchell has become quite a … Continue reading

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Design Icons: The Gibson Les Paul & Fender Stratocaster

Go into any musical instrument shop and you will be literally spoilt for choice by the plethora of guitars available, and to the uninitiated that choice could be overwhelmingly confusing. Dozens of manufacturers from all points of the globe offering … Continue reading

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Review: The Bourne Legacy (2012)

  Ok – let’s get something out of the way from the start. Something we should all be able to agree on. Jason Bourne does not appear in Bourne Legacy (other than in fleeting references). The film does not directly … Continue reading

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Design Icons: Ray-Ban

The Epitome of Cool When you try to think of one fashion accessory that cuts across all cultural borders and represents the epitome of cool, it has to be Ray-Ban sunglasses. Take a look at pictures of your favourite writers, … Continue reading

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