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Design Icons: The Gibson Les Paul & Fender Stratocaster

Go into any musical instrument shop and you will be literally spoilt for choice by the plethora of guitars available, and to the uninitiated that choice could be overwhelmingly confusing. Dozens of manufacturers from all points of the globe offering … Continue reading

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California Travelogue Part 4 – San Diego

There is possibly no better place to end (or begin!) any tour of California than in San Diego. The southernmost city of the state, perched on the Pacific coast just north of the Mexican border, it is arguably the birthplace of … Continue reading

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Review: The Bourne Legacy (2012)

  Ok – let’s get something out of the way from the start. Something we should all be able to agree on. Jason Bourne does not appear in Bourne Legacy (other than in fleeting references). The film does not directly … Continue reading

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California Travelogue Part 3 – Los Angeles

  City of Angels I read a great quote recently; I don’t remember exactly where – but upon investigation it is originally attributed to Canadian born American writer Saul Bellow – and it goes something like this: Whenever America tilts, … Continue reading

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Design Icons: Ray-Ban

The Epitome of Cool When you try to think of one fashion accessory that cuts across all cultural borders and represents the epitome of cool, it has to be Ray-Ban sunglasses. Take a look at pictures of your favourite writers, … Continue reading

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Never Too Late – Start Somewhere

Fitness Test Having set my goal to get considerably fitter, I thought maybe it was a good idea to have a clearer idea where I’m starting from. For anyone who is very unfit, very overweight or has a personal or … Continue reading

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Needful Things

The older I get, the more of an affinity I seem to have with old things. And not just things from my ‘era’ or youth either; even older artefacts from bygone times which have somehow, against all the odds, survived … Continue reading

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August 2012 Editorial

Summer’s here, and for those of us in the UK who are not travelling abroad, there is only one focus for our attention other than the usual changeable, unpredictable and occasionally lamentable weather: the Olympic Games, London 2012. Lord knows … Continue reading

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Never Too Late

When I was a younger man I used to be fit. Not ‘iron man’ fit granted; but fit nevertheless. I was never a great sportsman, but I ran six or seven miles at a time, three or four times a … Continue reading

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The Art of The Automobile

For many people the car is a status symbol: an indicator of wealth, success, social standing or identity. For many more, it is simply a workhorse: a tool to get from A to B. Often neglected, even maligned, it is … Continue reading

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