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Never Too Late: The Taiji of Swimming and Goals Beget Results…

  It’s been a long time since I updated this particular blog. What can I say? Life gets in the way. Fortunately the intervening time has not been wasted as far as training goes… Over the winter my Taiji training … Continue reading

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Divas: Rock Goddesses of the 1970s

Forget your Gagas, your Katy Perrys and your other pop Madonnas: for those of you old enough to have forgotten, or too young to remember, the 1970s saw the rise of some of the best female artists of all time. … Continue reading

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Heroes of Comedy: Groucho Marx

  Last month’s tribute to Woody Allen got me thinking: about one of my own comedy heroes. What would you get if you took Woody Allen and toughened him up with a little acid wit and the smoke of several … Continue reading

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Photos of the Month: December 2012


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December Editorial

  As one year draws to a close and a new one beckons, it’s a good time to reflect and be thankful – not least for all the people who have contributed to and supported our site so far. And … Continue reading

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Skyfall: Why Britain still needs Bond

Born in the 1960s, Ian Fleming’s James Bond came to the screen against the backdrop of a Britain reeling from post-war austerity, the decline of Empire and Commonwealth and the emergence of the new major world powers of the United … Continue reading

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October Editorial

  On Change We don’t have too much by the way of new updates or features this month I’m afraid; that’s because we’re going through somewhat of a period of change here at; some of which we have chosen, … Continue reading

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Never Too Late: Goals, Cross Training and New Challenges

Much of the summer (such that it was in the UK) around work was taken up with landscaping our garden; physical to be sure, but laying paving was not the type of training I had been planning on ideally in … Continue reading

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Fright Night: Our Halloween Film Favourites

Halloween isn’t just for kids: it’s also a great excuse to dust off some great horror movies or catch them on the TV. The horror genre encompasses some great cinema, whether you are a hardcore horror fan or a more … Continue reading

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Artist in Exile: The Russell Mitchell Interview

  Expat, ex-vet, ex-model and one time ‘Mr Wonderful’; we ask Russell Mitchell about his colourful life and how he put together Exile Cycles, building the baddest custom motorcycles on the planet. . . Russell Mitchell has become quite a … Continue reading

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